Hjem Om AC-SunCare Ekspertråd Produkter Kontaktinformasjon

The Mechanism of SunCare with Safe Sea™ jellyfish protection is working by blocking the stinging mechanism in several sites.

  1. The water- in- silicone formulation is highly hydrophobic and the jellyfish tentacles will not stick to the skin
  2. Jellyfish is not stinging itself. Self-recognition system of jellyfish is based on the recognition of the stinging cells with the GAG of the bell of the jellyfish. SunCare contains chemicals that mimic the Self-recognition system.
  3. The recognition of the jellyfish stinging cells with it's pray is controlled by non-selective sensors (receptors) that bind amino acids or sugar secretion from the pray (Skin). Safe Sea contain competitive antagonist that block the sensor.
  4. Transduction signal is transform the binding signal of the outer receptor into the stinging cell. The transdection signal is moving through channel membrane. This channel is blocked by La and Magnesium in the inhibitor.
  5. High internal pressure is developed in the stinging capsule to inject the tubule into skin. This pressure is build up by osmotic forces. The inhibitor contain cat ions that reduce the osmotic force ( Ca and Mg) in the outer vicinity of the capsule
All together the sun lotion SunCare with Safe Sea™ inhibits the cellular mechanism of stinging cells in 5 different sites. There is clinical data that Safe Sea provides protection against Box Jellyfish. Since the active ingrediance Safe Sea inactivates the stinging mechanism of all jellyfish, Coral, Sea anemone and hydroids it would be estimated that it provides protection against Irukandji (Box jelly type also).